Our favourite places Sheffield – second edition

Our favourite places: Sheffield, second edition

Our favourite places Sheffield, second edition

An expanded travel guide for curious folk

Last May the first edition of Our favourite places – Sheffield was released and it quickly became the guide of choice to Sheffield for not only visitors to the city but also the people who live here. It contained a hand-picked selection of fifty of our best-loved places, all lovingly packaged into a beautiful pocket guide with pull-out map.

Buoyed by its success, creators Eleven have set about expanding the guide to now include 75 entries in the new edition. Inside you’ll find recommendations for restaurants, cafes, pubs, shops, arts, parks, gardens and day trips, as well as a mini real ale trail and Sharrow vale road photo spread.

You can probably guess some of the more obvious favourites that appear in there, but it is likely that there will also be some locations you haven’t yet visited, as well as one or two off the beaten track. I gave a copy of the first edition to some relatives who had just moved back to Sheffield and they have loved exploring what the city has to offer.

At just £4 the original edition of Our favourite places was great value, and at the same price this expanded version is even more of a bargain. Get yourself a copy and discover the cherished bits of Sheffield that you’ve been missing out on.

Our favourite places – Sheffield

Our favourite places: Sheffield, second edition

Our favourite places Sheffield, second edition

Our favourite places: Sheffield, second edition

Our favourite places Sheffield, second edition

Sheffield – our favourite places book

An independent guide to Sheffield’s best-kept secrets

It still has a long way to go, but Sheffield’s reputation as a tourist destination is slowly improving. And as you would expect, there are some traditional guides available to help visitors find out what the city has to offer, as well as advertising campaigns plugging our must-see attractions.

However, the best recommendations often come from people who live in the city and are able to take the time to suss out just where its most cherished treasures are located. Every now and then, a blog post or article pops to pick these out, but they can quite easily get lost in the depths of the internet and finding a definitive list can be difficult.

The good news is that a selection of recommendations have now been collated in a beautiful pocket guide that will appeal to not only visitors to the city, but people who have lived here all their life.

Sheffield – our favourite places book (just £4) has been lovingly put together by local design agency Eleven. Described as an informed travel guide for curious folk, it lists over 50 of the places in Sheffield that they love including restaurants, cafes, pubs, shops, galleries, theatres, walks, parks, gardens and day trips.

As well as the more obvious highlights, I’m sure that there are places listed that even long-time Sheffield residents won’t have yet visited. And what won’t surprise you is that many of their recommendations are for the places that make the city the quirky, creative, independent and imperfect place that so many feel affection for.

Aesthetically, the pocket-sized guide is really pleasing and a far cry from some of the other local publications you can pick up around town. It includes plenty of photos as well as a pull-out map.

The guide’s introductory text admits that Sheffield – our favourite places isn’t trying to be definitive or exhaustive. It is simply an unhyped list of the places in the city that the people at Eleven love.

Pick up a copy of the guide and catch these locations before they become everyone’s favourite places and no longer Sheffield’s best-kept secrets.

See inside and buy Sheffield – our favourite places

Our favourite places - Sheffield

Our favourite places - Sheffield


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