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One year on, which are the most popular posts?

I thought I’d do a quick round-up of the most viewed posts during the first year of this blog.

According to WordPress, this is the 83rd post, which makes an average of about 1.5 a week. I’d like to write more often but don’t always have the time. Thankfully now that this blog is on Twitter it is easy to put something out there quickly without having to draft a full post.

Anyway, here are the top ten posts according to number of views:

  1. From Runaway Girl to Silversmiths
    Written one week after Gordon Ramsay recorded the TV programme (but five months before it was broadcast)
  2. Free wi-fi hotspots in Sheffield city centre
    I started logging free wi-fi locations in the city last year, although the launch of in January has probably already superceded this
  3. City of Sheffield walkabout – a photo tour
    Photographs comparing Sheffield in 2008 to the city as featured in a 1970s council brochure
  4. Cocoa chocolate shop
    Documenting a visit to this Eccy Road treasure
  5. Sheffield Twitter users
    Ever-expanding list of organisations, groups and companies from Sheffield on Twitter
  6. Date for cooling towers demolition confirmed
    In terms of page views, August was one of the most popular months on this blog, no doubt in part due to the passing of the cooling towers
  7. Sheffield City on the move video from The Fully Monty
    The full version of the 1970s promotional film used at the start of the hit movie appears online
  8. The day Sheffield stood still
    Report and videos from Sheffield’s first-ever large-scale flash mob
  9. Sheffield to London by train
    Some thoughts on a journey that I have had the joy of completing many a time, written a few months after Midland Mainline handed over the franchise to East Midlands Trains
  10. The Moor, Sheffield
    A look at the long-overdue and continued redevelopment of one of Sheffield’s pedestrianised shopping streets

What does the next year hold for this blog? Luckily there is still more going on in Sheffield than could ever be covered here, so I don’t see any reason why there shouldn’t be plenty more posting, tweeting and perhaps some more videos.

As I mentioned above the bigger issue is making time to create the content, so if anyone would anyone be interested in contributing posts then let me know. I’ve also got one or two other ideas for directions that it could go in, so watch this space.

In the meantime, if you have got any comments or suggestions then get in touch.

From Runaway Girl to Silversmiths

Gordon Ramsay and the relaunch of a city centre bar and restaurant

There was plenty of coverage last week of Gordon Ramsay’s stay in the city and the visit of Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares to Runaway Girl on Arundel Street.

The celebrity chef even appeared in the Peace gardens to record a feature for the show and to give chance for Silversmiths staff to promote the relaunched business.

Although entertaining, I find Kitchen Nightmares a bit formulaic, and have no doubt that as usual, Ramsay’s revamp proposes a new menu serving “simple, seasonal dishes, made using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients”. We’ll find out when the show is broadcast.

I liked the name Runaway Girl and was also a bit cynical about the new name until I walked past the relaunched restaurant yesterday. I originally thought he might have proposed it after unimaginatively linking a Sheffield restaurant to the city’s cutlery heritage, however given that the premises is actually a converted silversmiths works and it still features the George Ellis Ltd. livery on the façade, I think it works well. The subtle, highlighted silver name is also a nice touch:

The menu in the window gave a glimpse of the modern Yorkshire dishes on offer, I just need to pay it a visit now to taste the food: