1990s Sheffield bands

Were you involved?

Radio 2XS’s Jeff Cooper is working on a radio project focusing on the Sheffield music scene of 20 years ago.

The former Hallam FM presenter has loads of sessions and demos from the 1990s and is planning to involve as many of the bands’ members as he can find.

Forgotton Sheffield bands covered on this blog already include Various vegetables, the Dylans, Speedy (formerly Blammo), the Suncharms and Blameless.

Were you involved at the time, or can you help track down members of 1990s Sheffield bands? If so, email Jeff at studio@radio2xs.com.

Radio Hallam old audio clips

Sound clips from the station’s launch

A former DJ has started an online archive of clips from the early years of south Yorkshire’s main commercial radio station, Hallam FM.

You can listen to 1970s audio samples of the station known back then as Radio Hallam at soundboard.com.

I’m too young to remember Hallam in the seventies, but if you listen to some of the clips then you’ll soon realise how different the station sounded back then. When it launched, it appeared to have had the feel of a community radio station with a broad range of music and speech programmes. This contrasts starkly with the homogenised station we hear in 2010 that plays the same handful of records all day long.

If anyone has any more old tapes of the station then I’m sure the archiver Frank Carpenter would be pleased to hear from you. Perhaps at some stage it will be expanded to also include some clips from the the 1980s and 1990s?

In the meantime there are some more clips and jingles to be heard on radiohallam.co.uk. This site is run by another former Hallam FM DJ, and also the person behind internet radio station Radio 2XS, Jeff Cooper.

Sheffield on Twitter – an update

Who’s new?

Back in June I did a round-up of how Sheffield people and organisations are using the micro-blogging site Twitter, which became the basis for the Sheffield Twitter users page.

I’ve had another look to see who or what else from the city has popped up in Twitter. Some of these accounts seem a bit stagnant, but then you never know when they might spring back into life…

radio2XS (Sheffield-based online radio station, set up by Jeff Cooper, formerly of Hallam FM)

RPG photography (award-winning Sheffield photographer; this may be a personal Twitter account)

Studio dust (a small, creative studio specialising in design; also on Flickr)

UK logo design (the design studio of Taylors graphic design, offering logo, web and print design)

Joining more dots (a Twitter account in its infancy; the website says that this company ‘looks to imaginative ways to use digital media and web services to enhance communication and collaboration, in business, education and health care’)

Plain advice (boutique marketing agency; looks quite new – the impression I get is that digital marketing is not their background)

Learning, teaching and assessment in higher education (again, looks like a personal Twitter account, however the accompanying blog features and interviews about innovation in learning and teaching from Hallam university)