Are you a Sheffield expert?

Gumtree wants your help

Classifieds and community website Gumtree has recently launched a local experts section within their forum and they are looking for people to be local community champions, dispensing advice, wisdom and tips to other visitors to the site.

They have been in touch as they are specifically looking for someone to look after the Sheffield section:

How it would work is simple: we would create a new section for Sheffield within the Gumtree Local Experts Forums and would put you in charge of it. We will take care of all the management of it (so you don’t have to) and we’ll work with you to help start conversations, encourage people to discuss local issues and we’ll also be doing a lot of work to drive local residents through to your area of the forum. There’s no commitment, cost or demands on your time – all we ask is that you drop by from time-to-time and join in the discussion.

It isn’t a paid role, but if you’re interested then contact