Grin up north – Sheffield comedy festival 2010

Pick of what’s on

It is less than two weeks to Sheffield’s annual comedy festival and by the looks of it tickets are selling fast for some of the shows. So if you are planning on going it may be worth booking while you can.

To help you decide who to see, a friend who is a comedy writer at the BBC has kindly picked out some of the Grin up north 2010 highlights:

Dara O’Briain – City hall oval hall, 2/3 October

These days O’Briain is mainly recognisable as the host of Mock the Week and a regular panellist on QI – but he remains one of the best live acts in the country.

Dealing with such a variety of topics as ante-natal classes, Goldilocks and particle physics, he makes them at once accessible and hilarious. With an effortless charm and easy way with audience banter that ensures that each gig is a unique experience – but all of them equally funny.

O’Briain really is a master stand-up – catch him now before you’ll only be able to see him in arenas and on TV.

Isy Suttie – Lescar, 3 October

Best known as Dobby from Peep Show, and soon to be appearing in the new Alan Davies sitcom Whites, Isy Suttie is also an acclaimed musical and character comedian – bringing us her story of love in a supermarket in Matlock, Derbyshire. Though it’s becoming a cliché to say it, she’s like a young Victoria Wood with naughty twinkle in her eye. Delightful stuff.

Gary Delaney – Lescar 14 October

If you’re a fan of immaculately-written one-liners that touch on some of the darker topics in life, then Delaney is unsurpassable. Don’t go expecting whimsical stories, heart-warming anecdotes or observations about home-life – Delaney is all about the jokes. Exceptional wordplay and gags that will make you laugh so much you’ll almost forget to ask yourself ‘Did he really just say that?’

Stewart Francis – Octagon, 16 October

Another master of the one-liner, this Canadian gagsmith has recently started to get the attention he deserves thanks to barnstorming appearances on Michael MacIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow and Mock the Week.

Francis has more perfect jokes in the first 10 minutes of his show than some comedians manage in their whole careers – if you like to laugh, then this is a real treat.

Also recommended

  • Josie Long – 5 October, Crucible studio
  • Greg Davies – 3 October, City hall memorial hall
  • Stewart Lee – 6 October, City hall oval hall
  • Sean Lock – 8 October, Lyceum
  • Stu Goldsmith – 14 October, Lescar
  • Rhod Gilbert – 24 October, City hall oval hall
  • Robin Ince – 30 October, Lescar

Grin up north – Sheffield comedy festival 2010