Forgotten Spaces competition: from ideas to reality?

Can you help make the ideas happen?

Could Guiding Lights by Chris Paterson become a reality?

Could Guiding Lights by Chris Paterson become a reality?

Last month the winner of the Forgotten Spaces competition was announced.

Guiding Lights, designed by Chris Paterson, brings to life Frog Walk, between Stalker Lees Road off Ecclesall Road and Sharrow, with animated avatars and an LED screen.

Although Forgotten Spaces was originally all about ideas, the organisers are wanting to explore the possibility of making some of the entries a reality:

We want to start a city-wide dialogue about how these ideas could be turned into real-life projects. If anyone has any suggestions about to move these projects on and get them to contact Gerry Togher on It would be great to think we can get a kind of forum going where people can come together to discuss some potentially really exciting projects.

So if you have any thoughts about how this could happen, or are simply inspired by the project and are keen to see how the ideas could become a reality, get in touch with Gerry.

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  1. ron Clayton

     /  25 October, 2011

    I don’t see how the project illustrated is going to become reality in respect of the envirionment it is adjacent to ie listed if historically badly treated by the Council cemetery and a riverside walk.What are we trying to create some- sort of retro disco/grotto feature? how about better street lighting?

    These projects are unlikely to get off the ground I of fantasy I suspect.

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