On the waterfront event at Victoria quays

A family day out down the canal basin

If, like me, you don’t get down to Victoria quays as much as you should, then the On the waterfront event is a good reason to head there tomorrow:

Come and enjoy a fun family day out by one of Sheffield’s watery wildlife havens! Plenty of activities to keep the whole family entertained, with live music, attractions and craft demonstrations. Find out more about the wildlife that lives along our waterways, or join a guided walk and look out for butterflies, fish and kingfishers.

The live music includes the Crookes and the Everly pregnant brothers, both of which are reason alone to go.

I’ve posted before about Victoria quays and how Sheffield’s canal basin never seemed to properly catch on as a place to spend significant time and money. More events like this can only raise its profile and give people an incentive to go.

On the waterfront Event Sheffield listing

On  the waterfront pdf (1.14MB)

Victoria quays, Sheffield by Paolo Margari

Victoria quays, Sheffield by Paolo Margari (used under Creative commons licence)

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