The day Sheffield stood still

Big turnout for Sheffield’s first major flash mob

Time stood still yesterday in the Peace gardens as people gathered for what is believed to be Sheffield’s first large-scale foray into the world of flash mobbing.

As the town hall clock struck 12, people taking part froze for 5 minutes in a set pose, causing bewilderment and confusion to passing shoppers.

A similar event took place in Trafalgar Square last year, with hundreds of people participating. The aim was to exceed this and I estimate that there were well over 1,000 in the Peace gardens yesterday.

It was perhaps even too packed, as people who had prepared some creative poses – playing cards, picnicking, braving the  fountain and firing an oversized paper aeroplane – were partly hidden away.

One group held up ‘Who’s to blame?’ banners which I thought was a political protest until I realised that they were to help point out Kevin Hailes, who organised the event using Facebook.

There are some photos online, although I opted to record it on video as thought it might be hard to capture the full effect using still images. This is the rather shaky footage I recorded – I also would have liked to get some more close-ups of poses but didn’t want to spoil the spectacle:

And here is the official film:

The event was a definate success, and with a bit of tweaking a future flash mob could have even more impact. If you want to hear about upcoming flash mob events in Sheffield then this Facebook group will point you in the right direction.

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  1. Sheffield blog

     /  2 February, 2009
  2. Robin

     /  2 February, 2009

    I love how its brought out the serial complainers. “Haven’t they got owt better to do” “we should take away their student loans, bloody students” etc. etc.

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