Don Valley stadium: a list of concerts

Concerts at the stadium from 1993 to 2006 – with videos

A previous post that mentioned getting more live music at Don Valley stadium caused me to search* the internet for some videos of shows at the venue.

Some of the clips I found are from the height of summer which seems a long way off following the dark and foggy weather Sheffield has had over the last couple of days.

So think back to summers gone by and the artists that have played at Don Valley stadium – although I seem to recall that it threw it down when the Stones played back in 2006.

* by the way, I didn’t search that hard for Celine Dion clips

Def Leppard
6 June 1993

Whole concert

Bon Jovi
28 June 1995

Rolling Stones
9 July 1995

Michael Jackson
9 July 1997
(I did find a video of Scream/They don’t care about us from this show but it has since been removed from YouTube)

Paul Weller
26 July 1997

Spice Girls
11/12 September 1998

Celine Dion
6 July 1999

Tina Turner
13 July 2000

Red Hot Chili Peppers
6 July 2006

By the way

Under the bridge

Tina Turner
18 July 2006

Rolling Stones
27 August 2006

Honky tonk women

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  1. Now that’s made me go rummaging through various boxes of accumulated junk and memorabilia.

    I’ve dug out tickets for Def Leppard in June 93 and also one that isn’t on your list: Rolling Stones on Sunday 9th July 1995. Pic of tickets is here, sadly no photos or videos from the events. I seem to remember the security gorillas searching people for cameras and drinks and other terrible contraband items on the way in. We managed to get an entire picnic bag past one particularly incompetent security gorilla at the Leppard gig though, including lots of beer. :^)

    Both gigs on blazing hot days, if I remember correctly.

  2. Sheffield blog

     /  7 November, 2008

    Thanks for those – I have added the other Stones gig to the list. How times have changed now every gig is videoed and photographed by everyone there…

  3. goneshiny

     /  13 November, 2008

    Nice work!!!

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